Kindergarten Week 12 Snapshot

 Birds: Poultry
Counting by tens
EN word family
Number Sight Words

New Sight Words

Count by Tens

Birds: Poultry

Turkey Tens

I Spy Poultry

Life Cycle of a Chicken

Measuring Length

Measuring: Heavier and Lighter

Popcorn Sight Words

PreK Week 11 Snapshot

Modified: ESL
Letter Jj
Number Review

Name Trace

Find the Jj

J is for Jesus

Jj Trace

Number Review

ESL Tutor Time: Academic Vocabulary


Kindergarten Book List Week 19

Mama Do you love me? by Barbara M. Joosse
Berenstain Bears The trouble with too much Junk food
How Much is a Million by David Schwartz
My Five Senses by aliki
Toddlerobics by Zita Newcome

Kindergarten Supply List Week 19

For phonics packets: create one large packet for the week or smaller packets by day that consist of the phonics worksheets provided (beginning sounds, blends, etc.)
For estimation igloo: large printout of an igloo, post its, marshmallows, and tic tacs
Consonant blends game
Supplies for a marshmallow igloo craft of choice
Igloo beginning sounds game: www.kidssoup.com
For review of the 5 senses: "Inuit, What do you See... Felt Story" from www.kidssoup.com
For tic tac igloo: tic tacs (in 2 colors) and an igloo printout
For sight word ice fishing: sight words written on fish cutouts and a fishing rod

Kindergarten Week 11 Snapshot

American Symbols
AM Word Family

Bald Eagle National Bird

Name Trace

Sight Word Practice

Bird Homes

American Flag

Flag Craft Fifty Stars

Math: Addition

Name Trace

Statue of Liberty


American Monument Puzzles

Math U See- Tens and Ones Houses


Bird Watch Sight Words

Bird Feeders

Bird Puzzle


Owl Homes

Owl Wingspans