Jr. Kindergarten ESL Unit 1

After being in America 1 year, and recently turning 6 Naomi has progressed amazingly learning English. For PreK we focused on Academic vocabulary: Letters, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes. We needed English words and understanding to build her education. Through home,farm life and many field trips she learned words for the world around her. Unlike her American born siblings,we did not put a huge emphasis on themed based learning. Simply because we were acquiring so many new words daily we needed to focus her expressive language,narrow rather than broad. We did however work on many kinesthetic, fine motor, puzzle, and sensory activities, in which she excelled. It is important to fill any gaps in motor development she might have experienced in her early life and have the opportunity to explore through touch, trial and error, and curiosity.

While we are not quite ready for today's State Kindergarten standards we are close. Our goals for Jr. Kindergarten ESL will be:
Letter Recognition and Name Expression both Upper/Lower Case
Match Upper with Lower Case Letters
Alphabet Order
 Writing both Upper/Lower Case by memory without tracing
Master Letter Sounds 
Beginning Sounds

Number Recognition and Name Expression 0-20
Number Order
One to One Correspondence

Shape Recognition and Expression
Draw Shapes Free handed

Color Recognition and Expression
Introduce Color Words

Write first name in Upper/Lower Case Letters

Name the 12 months
Name the days of the week
Understand seasons
Concept of Time
Time Words: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Recognize and Express Prepositions 

Understand Print Concepts: Left to Right, Top to Bottom, etc.
Letters build words and words build sentences

Rhyming Words


Learn about and Explore the World around us by fine motor, gross motor, creativity, observation, problem solving, and art.

(Note Expression means to say. While last year we worked mostly on the skills of hear, understanding, and recognizing, this year we also hope to master expressing in English)

Letters Aa, Bb
Numbers 0-11


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Letter Recognition (Uppercase)

Letter Aa Expression

Recognition Upper and Lower Case

Number Order

Alphabet Recognition and Order (Uppercase)

Letter Recognition (Uppercase)

Upper and Lowercase Aa

Shape Review and Expression

Aa Trace and Freehand

Alphabet Recognition, Expression, and Order (Uppercase)

Letter Aa

Number Review One to One Correspondence

Sorting Numbers vs. Letters

Letter Recognition in Print

Sorting Upper vs Lower Case Letters

Finding Similar Pairs ( and Aa and Bb)

Counting and Number Order to 11

Bb Recognition and Expression

Number Order 1-11

Dot to Dot Number Order and Recognition

Matching Similar Letters

Counting and Matching 1-10