First Day of School 2015-2016

We are starting our new school year and our new two week on/ two week off schedule.

4th grade

Jr Kindergarten ESL

1st grade

8th grade


Summer Fun: Herb Garden

Today we went to the local nursery and searched for herbs. The kids spent a long time matching the names on the containers to our Herb Garden Labels. They finally found the perfect ones. 

We gathered our gloves and supplies for the project

Next we filled the bottom of our jars with gravel.

Then, we added potting soil.

Next we added our plants and labels.

Finally, we put our jars in a long tray. We plan to move it to window sills in the winter and an outside tabletop for summer.


Summer Fun: Journey of a tadpole

After a trip to a nearby pond we discovered thousands of tadpoles.We gathered nets and buckets and began the fun of catching them.

They were at tadpole stage with tales and gills

We transferred many to our duck pond at home

Others we took to the classroom for observation. We put them in a glass jar with a air bubbler pump and a desk lamp. We fed them gold fish food once a day.

We observed for a week and they began to get back legs then front legs, and finally they jumped on the rock and sat. Their tales began to shrink and after a day we had leopard frogs.

Clyde Kindergarten Graduate

Congratulations Clyde!

From Seed to Plant

Clyde was eager to watch the journey of his seeds. We put a couple of pinto beans in a baggie with a moist paper towel. We kept them in a dark drawer for a week. As they began to sprout we taped the baggie to our classroom window making sure the paper towel remained moist. After several weeks we planted one bean plant and labeled the other on a poster. Great fun!